AWANA Registration 2018
AWANA Registration 2018
Parent/Guardian First Name  * 
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Street Address  * 
Apartment/Unit #
City  * 
Zip Code  * 
Parent/Guardian Home/Primary Phone  * 
Parent/Guardian Secondary/Cell#  * 
Child’s First Name  * 
Child’s Last Name  * 
Emergency Contact Name (other than parent/guardian already listed)  * 
Emergency Contact Phone Number  * 
Emergency Contact Relationship to Child  * 
Allergies and/or other medical issues
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Child Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)  * 
Child Current Grade Level or Age if Preschool  * 
By submission of this form, I do hereby grant my child permission to participate in Awanas with Paper Mill Road Baptist Church. I do hereby forever release and discharge Paper Mill Road Baptist Church, Inc., its representatives, staff and church members from and against any and all liability of whatever nature of kind resulting from an injury and/or death. I also grant permission for any representative, staff or church member to provide reasonable and necessary care to my child in the event of an injury or illness while on the church’s premises. I agree to accept financial liabilities from such care. I hereby give my permission for photographs of my child to be used for church purposes.
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