Time and Talent Sheet for 2018
Time and Talent Sheet for 2018
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Thank you for offering your time and talents to St. John’s. We are grateful and blessed to have you as part of the St. John’s family. We ask that adults and youth alike prayerfully consider offering to assist the needs of the congregation. Please consider joining a committee this year as they need extra helpers. If you have any questions, you may reach Dianne, Parish Administrator, at prshadmin@gmail.com or at the church office (mornings) 815-443-2215. Please use one form per person. Under each committee you will also find a selection of opportunities to serve other than being a committee member Please chose yes on the drop down for all that interest you..
Worship & Music Committee This committee shall assist the Council and Pastor in seeing that the services are conducted according to the practice of the Lutheran Church. The committee is responsible for planning special services with the Pastor. The committee also selects the Worship Assistants, decorates the sanctuary and miscellaneous tasks associated with the worship services. In consultation with the Pastor, the organists and choir directors shall select and choose hymns. This committee meets monthly at a time convenient for committee members.
Worship & Music Committee Member
Worship Assistant
Play an Instrument
Provide Special Music
Chancel Choir Member
Special Notes:
Social Ministry Committee This committee sees to extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to all persons in need of the love of Christ. It shall seek to promote the area food pantries and World Hunger Relief. Projects may include the personal care kit collection, ELCA Good Gifts, harvest home, mitten tree and the school supplies collection. In addition, committee members send cards on behalf of St. John’s. This committee meets according to the needs of their projects (approx. 8 meetings/year).
Social Ministry Committee Member
Deliver Collection Items
Property Committee This committee shall see to the proper maintenance, protection and insurance of the property of the congregation. It shall do seasonal inspections, keep an up-to-date inventory of the property and keep the building and equipment in good repair. This committee currently meets on the second Sunday of the month after worship.
Property Committee Member
Lawn Mowing
Clean-up Days
Snow Removal
Stewardship Committee This committee shall seek to promote the expression of Christian Faith in daily life, teach the Christian use of money, diffuse knowledge of local, national and worldwide ministries, and lead its members to higher levels of proportional giving for the Lord’s work. Conduct member visits and other efforts to increase informed, sacrificial and grateful giving. This committee currently meets on the Sunday prior to the Council meeting after worship.
Stewardship Committee Member
Temple Talk
Outreach Committee Committee members reach out to others who are as yet un-won with the Gospel. They work to deepen our spiritual life and shall periodically study the congregation in the context of the community. They will also be in charge of any receptions that are held at St. John’s for Confirmation, etc. This committee currently meets on the Sunday prior to the Council meeting after worship.
Outreach Committee Member
New Family Sponsor
Visit New/Prospective Members
Assist with Family Fun Night
Assist with Brat Stand
Special Events
Grace Meal The Grace Meal is held on the third Sunday of the month and serves up to 125 individuals. We are in need of individuals to coordinate each month as well as volunteers to serve, wash dishes, etc., each month. Please note which month you are able to coordinate and additional months for volunteering.
Volunteer to assist
Months available:
Christian Education Committee This committee shall oversee the Christian Education program for nursery through adult levels. These individuals have a passion for the future mission of the church and the making of disciples, enjoy teaching and are good communicators. The Christian Education Committee is currently meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm.
Christian Education Committee Member
Sunday School Teacher/Sub
Vacation Bible School Teacher/Helper
Rally Day Volunteer
Bible Study/Discussion Leader
Assist with Christmas Program
Memorial Committee This committee keeps an accurate record of Memorials in the book provided; prepares lists of appropriate memorials and consult with families in obtaining them. Encourage members to remember the church in wills and estates. The committee currently meets jointly with the Finance Committee on the Sunday prior to the Church Council meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Memorial Committee Member
Finance Committee This committee oversees the financial matters of the Congregation, shall draft the budget, submit the budget to the council and have it approved by the Congregation. The Finance committee is comprised of the Financial Secretary, Council Treasurer and interested members of the Congregation. The Finance Committee currently meets jointly with the Memorial Committee on the Sunday prior to the Church Council meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please mark yes if you are able to serve as an Offering Counter.
Finance Committee Member
Offering Counter
Assist with Yearly Audit
Helping Hands Ministry Committee This ministry shall create a unity of faith and health for each person. This will be advocated by respect and compassion to improve and maintain a continuum of healthy living, through the Spirit of Christ. They will educate and provide services (ex. blood pressure screenings, flu shots, health fair).. The committee currently meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Helping Hands Committee Member
Youth Ministries Team This team is open to all adults willing to assist the youth ministry groups to include SPOTS, 5th Quarter, Genesis, SPLAT and their respective trips and activities.
Youth Ministries Team Committee Member
Home Communion Team Take Communion to those members who are sick, homebound or in a nursing home.
Serve on the Home Communion Team
Office Volunteer
Newsletter/Bulletin Folding
Assemble Annual Book
Fellowship Hour Coordinator/Volunteer Help find volunteers to serve and/or bring refreshments for after the worship service. This is a time of Fellowship in Luther Hall.
Fellowship Coordinator
Provide Fellowship Refreshments
Provide Sunday School Treats
Various Ministries of the Church Please check all that interest you!
Youth Scholarship
Fellowship Club
Women’s Gathering
Easter Lily Garden
Christmas Poinsettia Garden
Provide Food for Funerals
Worship Duties
Communion Assistant
Worship Assistant
Offering Counter
Electronic Sign
Any additional comments/notations. You may include months that you are out of town or unavailable. You may also note any special dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) that you would like to serve on.
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