2017-18 St. John's Lutheran Church Sunday School Registration
2017-18 St. John's Lutheran Church Sunday School Registration
1. Child's Name
1st Child's Grade
1st Child's Date of Birth
2nd Child's Name
2nd Child's Grade
2nd Child's Date of Birth
3rd Child's Name
3rd Child's Grade
3rd Child's Date of Birth
4th Child's Name
4th Child's Grade
4th Child's Date of Birth
Parent Name (s)
Parent Address (including City, State, Zip)
Parent Email
Parent Cell Phone Number
Parent-Additional Phone Number
Emergency Contact Name (other than parent)
Emergency Contact Primary Phone Number
Emergency Contact Secondary Phone Number
Name of Person Responsible for Pick-up
Pick-up Person Primary Phone Number
Allergies: Please list allergies for you children individually.
Special Needs: Please list any special needs for your children individually.
Other Information: Please list any information that needs to be known to the Sunday School coordinators and teachers.
This form will be kept in the office and viewed by Sunday School teachers and the staff at St. John's as they may need to contact you in the event of an emergency. By keying in your name here, you are giving permission to an adult to treat your child for any ailment they may experience while attending Sunday School at St. John's until emergency personnel arrive.
Parent Name
Date Submitted
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