2017 VBS Volunteer Registration
2017 VBS Volunteer Registration
1. Volunteer’s Name
Volunteer’s Phone (cell if available)
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Allergies/Medical Needs
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone Number
I understand in the event of an emergency medical care becomes necessary, every attempt will be made to contact someone. If unable, I grant the adult volunteers at St. John’s Lutheran Church VBS authorization to secure medical attention. I also give my permission for my photo to be used in promotional materials by St. John’s.
Volunteer Name
Date Submitted
VBS Staff t-shirts will be ordered this year. Please note size needed. Sizes available: Adult Med ($10), Adult Lg ($10), Adult XL ($10), Adult 2X ($12) or Adult 3X ($12). Please make check payable to St. John’s Lutheran Church to drop off at the church or mail.
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